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20:00 > 23:30
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Pas de frontière pour la musique.
Double plateau pour encore plus de plaisir.
Italie, Lyon, cocktails et musique.
Quoi de mieux pour bien commencer le weekend ?
Dj set all night long de Perrine dès 23h30 // 5€ dès 23h
Trio rock d’outre-tombe sans préavis :
Revigorée, Mertereza traverse les ruines inertes du rock,
cherche des adeptes, crie à en perdre haleine, finit dans un garage, et branche sa guitare.
Threesome Electric garage experience made in Lyon:
The story of Hofame begins in 2013. Cristiano Alberici, vocalist and bass player
in X-Mary and Cristio, takes a new musical direction. « O barche che bramate la
tempesta come questo porto è tranquillo » [O Ships Longing for Storm, How Tran-
quil This Harbor Is] is released in 2014 (Wallace Records, Tafuzzy Records) and
is distributed by Audioglobe. The album comes out after a successful career with
The second album, “HOFAME”, comes out in 2017 with Tafuzzy Records and La
Barberia Records, launched by the first single “La porta” [The Door]. The song,
with video directed by Claudio Cecconi, will become one of the most important
in HOFAME’s career. In the same year, four more videos are released:
« Fabolus », « Abituarsi » [Getting Used to], « Bot » e « Inizio » [Beginning], directed by
Luca Dosi. The album includes a limited edition short collection of notes and
In 2019 “Un istante” [An instant] is released with Riff Records, La Barberia
Records, Goodfellas, Volume Up and anticipated by the two singles « Un colpo di
nausea » [A Strike of Nausea] and « Un filo d’erba » [A Leaf of Grass]. HOFAME
collaborates with Fabio Leporelli, Fiona Liu e John Lai (Ricky Crumble Produc-
tions, collaboratori di Peter Jackson) for the video production of « Un colpo di
nausea”, shot in Wellington, New Zealand. The video of « Un filo d’erba » is pro-
duced in Tokyo, Japan where its director Emiliano Ruggiero lives.
« Un Istante » gets positive reviews from the Italian music press (Indies for Bun-
nies, Blow Up, Rumore, Rockit, Rockerilla, Beat and Style, Mescalina, Ondaro-
ck, etc).
After the release of « Un istante », HOFAME goes on a tour of about a hundred
gigs, travelling through Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic.
« Cento volti » [One Hundred Faces] (directed by Filippo Grecchi) and « Quando si
vive non accade nulla » [Nothing Happens When You Are Alive] (directed by Clau-
dio Cecconi) are released in the same year.
In 2020 the EP « Tempus Temporis » is released with the Japanese label I Low You
Records (Tokyo). The album contains three electro-idm-ambient remixes from
“Un istante”, produced by Earthquake Island, Medicamentosa and Durmast.
« Vita condivisa » comes out in December 2021 (Riff Records, Goodfellas, Tafuzzy
Records, La Barberia Records and is anticipated by the two singles « Non chie-
dere mai » e « Siamo figli liberi », with videos directed by Filippo Grecchi.
The launch of the album will take HOFAME on a tour in the main Italian and
foreign cities around Europe.