ven 28.07


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☀ Summer night(S) w/ DECADENCIA RECORDS
Nuits d’été, soirées estivales, soleil et dolce Vita
Summer groom activé, vêtements légers, lunettes sur le nez, terrasse et cascade de fraicheur pour vos gosiers.
Le groom ouvre pour la première fois tout l’été et vous propose un programme summer bien huilé.
Des cocktails, et des nuits colorées pour danser.
Vivez Lyon entre parenthèses, prenez des vacances, une pause dans la ville, une pause dans l’année.
Faites tout pareil mais différemment.
Summer loving had me a blast.
8 €
Decadencia Records is a collaboration between two friends
passionate about electronic and underground music.
In 2021, they have launched their label and collective in
Geneva, Ch. Starting from organizing underground parties
to playing in many clubs, they are now pretending to share
their universe worldwide.
After years of experience and profound evolution they
found their personal style, a perfect blend of minimal
sounds, underground symphonies and acid…
⭐ Raton –
Audiophile, Vinyl Shopper, DJ – Playing both minimal house and techno, in the deepest possible way, Raton is able to deliver a different vibe to every party. Distinguished by a unique style in constant evolution. With minimal influence in a deeper way and techno as well, Raton combines the new with the old, putting his hallmark of raw, hypnotic and acidic sounds. For several years, he will evolve his style through underground raves from
North to East London for the TSA crew. His sets are defined as mixing different styles and eras of the minimal, provided with long catchy and unpredictable loops. Back in Geneva, the love of good music led him to found the label Decadencia Records, in the company of V. Nee, a platform that promotes art and passion, through the beauty of music. electronic.
Passionate about music of all kinds from a young age, it was rave that he triggered and his taste for electronic music. And this craze was accentuated during his years in Lyon where he took many loud slaps. Cradled to the sound of Tech house and techno basses, he quickly found himself in the micro-house, which is, without doubt, his favourite universe! He then played in several clubs, Sydney, Thailand, Laos, Lyon, Geneva. Thanks to his many travels which have allowed him to discover and evolve in his well-defined style